Resonance Tour – June 2018


Resonance - composed by Alison Jones – is a concert performance with a  twist.

A bold new step in concert performance, composed and choreographed by women. Featuring live onstage, seven musicians and two dancers. 

The narrative takes influence from Celtic legends when honour and elemental forces were the powers that influenced lives, and follows Queen Scathach, Aoife and The Morrighan, three strong and skilful warrior women, as they encounter Cuchulainn, a young arrogant male fighter.

Working with Cecily Fay, two-time European Champion in Pencak Silat martial arts, the narrative of the composition is punctuated with martial arts and movement, reflecting the powerful encounters between the warrior women and young fighter.

This provocative and visceral music is a hybrid of flamenco, classical and Arabic disciplines fused with traditional Scottish and contemporary music.

The show toured in June 2018:

Wed 6th, The Poly, Falmouth

Thu 7th, The Lyric Theatre, Bridport

Fri 8th, Pound Arts, Corsham