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What the public say about Alison…


Very visual…lead fiddle rates alongside anything from Nashville.’ Country Music News and Routes


…by the end, as the superb lead fiddle work of Alison Jones reached fever pitch, there was not a soul in the house who wasn’t moving’. Country Music People


Meanwhile, Alison Jones’ phenomenal fiddle screams and careers all over the place – through numbers with extravagant bluegrassy breaks, a countrified Scottish reel, sobbing gypsyish flights of melodrama…..that smoothly blend strands of indie, ska, punk and blues into the core of country mix. Cask strength entertainment value.’ The Scotsman (Festival Review)


Alison Jones is probably the finest fiddle player to emerge since Bobby Valentino’. Country Music People


Explosive fiddle player Alison Jones worked with Australian songsmith Paul Kelly and pedal steel guitar act Lucky Ocean to cast To Her Door” in gorgeous melancholy blue.’ The Advertiser – Adelaide Arts Festival


…the awesomely talented Miss Jones, who fuses with her fiddle to become a skittering tumbleweed of licks, jigs and classical breaks, chasing the dough pickin’ chickens around Hillbilly County.” Gran Canaria, WOMAD


…a Lorelei with a Stradivarius, also performing provocative gyrations in her own exotic world…’ Beat Magazine Melbourne


First things first. They’ve got a fiddle player who makes Stephan Grappelli look like a wee bairn…’ Dublin Hot Press Review


…their album…is driven by solid fiddle player Alison Jones…’ London West End Extra


`…world class fiddle playing from Alison Jones…’ Lemon Tree – Aberdeen


Ultimately, it was Miss Jones on the electrifying fiddle who seduced all and sundry. Cajun, hillbilly, Romany romance and good down home cowpunk. She turned her fiddle and bow every which way (but loose).’ Hot Press Review – Dublin


Very visual…lead fiddle rates alongside anything from Nashville’ Country Music News and Routes


‘Avant-garde classical piece “Express Symphony”, penned by WAM Musical Director, Alison Jones, and imagined as a musical interpretation of the hustle and bustle of life in our East London suburb, worked perfectly next to leftfield pop anthem “One Day Like This” by Elbow; again a testament to both Jones’ skill as an arranger and composer …” Forest Echo 2016


The public’s feedback from St Andrews Homecoming Finale November 2009Picture 7

“The originality of the entire show was amazing”.

“ a magnificent production”

“a very innovative show and highly original in style”

“…beautiful haunting melodies”.

“…this wonderful world premier”

“…a fantastic introduction…of what the finished show/extravaganza will be like”

“Great night out!”

“a gripping narrative tale, which is played out via music and dance.”

“..a superb mix of dance styles.”

“The mysticism attached to it and the authenticity…it seemed so vibrant and dynamic and so different to other shows”

“The whole combination of circus design, dance and music and the amazing way they were woven together.”

“This blend of dance, musical, tradition with other art forms all in an outdoor setting was new to me and feels very innovative.”

Picture 28

“The martial arts were fabulous.”

“I found the narrative of this show intriguing and gripping.”

“Exciting and compelling”

“The stunning original music most of all-and the lead dancers were spectacular”

“The amazing mix of different instruments and wonderful original music would have been fantastic as it was, but together with the setting and the gymnastic and acrobatic dancing the show was tremendous. “ 


Picture 1Media:

“..a gripping narrative, careering from the heights of erotic passion to the depths of betrayal and grief, and unfolding via a series of dramatic scenes”. Cate Langmuir,  Jump Magazine

“…watching her play at Puente Romano made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. It was like – WOW!”  Marbella Film Festival